From the moment my fiance (now wife) Liz and I met Brooke, we knew she was something special. She photographed two of our best friends’ wedding, and the shots she took were some of the most beautiful, well-composed, and creative I have ever seen.

I have been taking photographs for the past ten years, and was extremely picky about who we hired to help us capture our big day. Brooke surpassed my expectations with flying colors. Beyond her creative and professional style, we quickly found out what an amazingly genuine and beautiful person Brooke is as a human. She put in so much effort in the months leading up to the wedding to get to know us as a couple, what we liked, what inspired us, and to truly know our story.
During the wedding, her timing was impeccable, and her role during the day helped Liz and I feel so comfortable, relaxed, and joyful. She was so attentive and vigilant during the reception, and was always there at just the right moment to capture our precious memories with family and friends in such a non-obtrusive and helpful way.
After the day was over, Liz and I recapped what an amazingly memorable and magical day we had just experienced together, and Brooke was a huge part of it. We had met Brooke twice before the wedding, and after only three times being with her, Liz and I felt as if we had known her for years. If you are searching for a photographer for your wedding, look no further! We feel so honored and blessed to have had her at our wedding. You are an amazing photographer, Brooke, and an even better person! – Michael Karl, 5/31/2017

Brooke Brady is an exceptional and wonderful photographer! Her work has stellar quality to it and she is not just the photographer, she is by your side the whole day helping you, assisting your bridesmaids and just being a source of positive energy! I could not have asked for a better photographer! -Emily Sajda, 6/6/2016

 Brooke loves what she does and that passion gives her a unique ability to produce the most beautiful photos that truly capture a moment. She is creative, professional, focused and open to work with you to get the pictures you want. She’s also incredibly fun to work with. Don’t look anywhere else for all your photography needs, Brooke is the best! – Natasha Holmes, 4/24/2016

Myself and my now husband had the pleasure of working with Brooke for our wedding earlier this month. I must say, I have had nothing short of an exceptional experience working with Brooke from start to finish. She has a true passion for her photography and it is reflected in every way through her beautifully authentic photos (which I had in hand in less than a month from wedding day). Brook is extremely professional and super sweet to boot, my highest recommendation goes out to anyone searching for gorgeous photos for any occasion (I hope to be seeing Brooke again in the near future for a maternity shoot!) – Jaimee Cozzolino, 12/28/2015

I am just sitting here with tears in my eyes, the photos of my children and I are all so amazing! Brooke, you caught so many emotions–silly, fun, loving, playful…all so well done. I just can’t believe it. I’m really mesmerized. THANK YOU! You have such a skill, a real gift. It’s talent, art, and hard work. Excellent job on taking the pics, and editing them. The colors are outstanding. I am so happy!! – Jude Page Barry

Our wedding was in September. I met Brooke in one of my business classes. She is an amazing person. Getting to know her in class and then seeing her photography we knew we wanted her to be part of our special day. This is when we asked Brooke to be our photographer. Her prices are also very reasonable. We also did our engagement shoot with Brooke. That day was a nasty rainy,gloomy, and cold day but she did a great job and used her talent to make our pictures BEAUTIFUL. We also have a son and Brooke was great with him. Even though my son was a little difficult at times she was very patient and we were able to take a lot of photos. Brooke likes to get to know her clients so she can help make their day as less stressful as possible. We met before about what pictures we would like and came up with a schedule of where we wanted her to be during the day. Many people say having one photographer isn’t good but Brooke proved them wrong because she did not miss any moment. I reccomend her to anybody and will definitely be using her in the future for other special events. Thank you Brooke Brady for all your hard work and dedication. We looked at all of our pictures and loved them all. Especially the night time ones with the lights going around us. Your photography is great and you have a successful future ahead of you with this.

Kristine&Randy 9-7-1


My husband Ian and I were married in June and we hired Brooke after meeting her and seeing her photograph another wedding. We were thrilled with the quality of her work and we were so happy with the amount pictures we received and the reasonable price. We were also very happy how flexible she was with her schedule, agreeing to go off-site to the beach with us to take additional pictures. The pictures came out great! She is friendly but always professional. We highly recommend you! Such a promising career ahead of you Brooke!! Thank you again for preserving such great memories for us!! Barbara & Ian


A long overdue review of my outstanding experience with Brooke Brady Photography a couple months ago: I hired Brooke to take photos for my new website To be honest I had no idea what I really wanted from the photos. I gave her full creative control, and I only had two requirements. The first being that I needed to be playing drums, and second, they needed to look awesome. Brooke suggested we meet at a coffee shop before heading out to our main location in New Milford, CT. I literally walked in, and she all ready to starting to take photos! She must’ve taken 25-40 photos of me drinking my coffee. When I asked her why those types of photos, she said, “We want potential customers to see more then just you playing drums, we want them to see the real you”. So as you can see from the link below, thats the real me, really enjoying a cup of coffee (haha). In my opinion, Brooke’s insight has really helped portray my positive image, especially to people who have never met me. The photos make me come across as an extremely easy person to get along with, which is important in my business since I visit parent’s homes and talk to local teachers frequently. The performance photos are even more engaging! Brooke picked a KILLER spot at Lover’s Leap Bridge in New Milford. She photographed me playing drums from a variety of angels on the bridge, and she even edited out some of the logos per my request. If you’re a musician, band member, or someone who just wants awesome head shots, Brooke Brady Photography is definitely the perfect choice for you. It was for me! THANKS BROOKE!!!!

Doug Alley


Every parent wants that perfect family picture, and those countless faces that their child makes captured. My experience with Brooke Brady did just that. She was great with our son, and made the session feel more like a friendly get together rather than a business opportunity. Eager to wrk with her again, we just set up yet anther shoot for the near future. I strongly recommend Brooke to anybody who is looking for work done. She is extremely passionate about her work and always delivers a great product.


It’s hard to describe how truly talented Brooke Brady is as a photographer. She has done many shoots for my family both as group and individual shoots. Every time I see other professional pictures I can’t help but compare them to her work – they never compare. Brooke’s quality of work, creativeness, eye for detail and passion go far beyond anything I’ve seen from other professional photographers. You would be lucky to have her as a photographer and no less than ecstatic when you receive your prints. She will be my wedding photographer one day because I know that nobody could capture that special day full of special moments like she can and will.


We met Brooke in Mystic for some fun family photos with four crazy boys aging from 6 to 5 months. Even though it was raining, Brooke did an exceptional job in making the session happen. She even brought some fantastic cookies to persuade the children to cooperate during the session for they could eat then at the end. She finally finished the session with the boys eating the cookies and some of the most amazing pictures came from just that. We also used Brooke for taking out photos while looking for and cutting down our live X-mas tree at a local tree farm. Again, outstanding work and I would recommended her for any event you desire to catch your life’s lasting memories.


Brooke has done our family shoots for two years…she is amazing. funny, sweet, professional, and an incredible eye for the perfect shot. I can’t recommend her enough! Don’t look elsewhere – She is the real deal!


We were married in September and as we planned we knew we wanted Brooke to be our photographer. She had taken family pictures and they were so amazing. We were so happy when Brooke accepted to be our wedding photographer. Brooke came to the house and spent time with Jen getting ready. She came to the wedding, went off site for more pictures, and then covered the reception. She was with us all day. And there is no one better to be behind the camera. Brooke is creative, professional, personable, and very upbeat. She listened to our ideas, but also pushed us to do some creative poses and they came out awesome. After the wedding, Jen and I couldn’t wait to get the images. They are amazing. We laughed and cried and really appreciated all her hard work, creativity, and happiness that went into our event. Her work and her time with us was excellent. We are spoiled by having such a caring and creative person working with us. Some day we can say we knew her before she was famous.

Thank you Brooke – sincerely — Ron and Jen Samul

Brooke you did a fantastic job for our wedding. We are so happy with the photos. Thank you very much for the excellent work!

– Jen Lamperelli 

I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Brooke Brady Photography for capturing every amazing moment of my wedding day. Brooke Brady and I talked about all the moments that I would like to have picture memories of before the big day and I asked for a lot. Brooke stepped up to the plate ready and always with a smile and I could not be happier with her talent!!! She helped me through out the day with anything I needed, including stomping down the tall grass so my dress wouldn’t drag through the hay field, and not only did she capture myself and my husband, but she got so many amazing memories of my friends and family having such a blast!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you and I cannot wait until we decide to have a baby, because I already know who will be doing my maternity pictures and new born pictures!!! Love you brooke, thank you again!!

– Sarah Puddy

Brooke was our photographer for our wedding in FLA on the beach. She did an amazing and fabulous job taking pictures for our wedding. She did a wonderful job of getting beautiful professional pics taken of us on the beach, the sunset, and the magic sky. She is a professional with a LOT of passion for her photography and the work she does. She is patient, and was right there with us capturing an abundance of special, candid and fun moments that I will be able to treasure and key with special memories of our day. We were so lucky to have her be a part of our day we have so many beautiful, special pictures that she was able to capture. There aren’t enough words to describe how well of a professional job she did being our photographer and how much she is appreciated. Thank you Brooke!

Beth Wooten, 2/22/15